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Like Advertising Calendars, Diaries are a very useful vehicle for promoting your Company to your clients.

I hold agencies for most of the major UK and European manufacturers of Diaries, including Letts, Collins, Castelli, Aurora, Kernow Plusfile, Johnsons, Abbeygate, etc.

Advertising Diaries have the following benefits:-

  • A one-off cost provides 365 days of advertising for each recipient
  • Even the desk diaries cost just pennies a week
  • A practical and functional product, useful to any business client
  • A very personal product always appreciated by the recipient
  • Targeted to specific clients, therefore no wastage

The range available covers all types of format and size of Diary,

The Desk Diaries come in a variety of finishes and colours, the formats covering week to view and page a day, sizes ranging from A4, Quarto and A5. These Diaries come in both fastbound and comb-bound formats and in finishes ranging from top quality Hide Leather through PUs to PVCs and Card.

Pocket Diaries also come in a huge variety of colours, formats and finishes. The formats are portrait or landscape, There is month to view, fortnight to view or week to view and week to view with notes. The range of finishes and colours is even more diverse than for the Desk Diaries.

To see some of the selection available, follow these links:-




These ranges give a good idea of what is available. If you request a quote for a particular diary format, colour or finish, I will happily check the ranges of all the manufacturers available to me, to gain the most competitive price for you.