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Because there are fewer more cost effective ways for a Company to get their name displayed prominently in front of their existing or prospective clients than with their own Corporate Calendar.

Consider the advantages:-

  • Most Advertising Calendars cost just a few pennies a day
  • A useful and functional product which can be used by every type of business.
  • Highly visible either on the wall, or on the recipient's desk.
  • Looked at many times a day, every working day of the year.
  • Targetable. You only send the calendar where you want it to go. No wastage.
  • The recipient is pleased to receive it, so goodwill is generated.

Compare those advantages to other forms of Advertising where there is no certainty that your advertising will even be seen by your intended target who does not read that Newspaper or magazine, does not listen or watch that radio station or television channel, or is no longer in the habit of using Yellow Pages to find suppliers, because they now use a an internet Search Engine instead.

So using those other methods, not only might your advert never be seen by your intended targets, but in the media it is only there for that day or a few minutes. With the internet or Yellow Pages, it is only there when people go looking for it and all of your competitors are displayed at the same time.

I carry a portfolio of Advertising/Promotional Calendars covering every major manufacturer in the UK. I can also offer the possibility of your very own bespoke calendar printed digitally from as low a quantity as 50 units.

Links to these Manufacturers' ranges:-







Bemrose Calendars and their Trade division Moments Calendars, went into administration on June 28th 2010. Many of their titles are still available from other Calendar manufacturers and I can therefore still supply much of their ranges.  Other past manufacturers no longer trading are Lockwoods, Martin Shelton, Mortimers, Eversheds, Regal, Formans, Boots & Howitts. Some of their calendars have been incorporated into the surviving manufacturers' ranges, so many of their titles are still available too.

Digitally printed bespoke Corporate Calendars:-

Your own bespoke calendar printed digitally with either your own photographs, or a wide choice of stock photographs. Minimum quantity is just 50 units. Although print quality is not quite up to the standard of Litho, your advert can be printed in four-colour process at no additional cost and the date layout matched to your Corporate house colours. Digital printing also enables each calendar to be personalised with your recipient's name featured on each month's picture, making every calendar unique and sure to be coveted by the recipient.





Between the Litho and Digital ranges, most popular calendar subjects are covered.

These subjects include:-

World Wildlife, British Wildlife and Bird Paintings, British and World Scenery, Cars and other Transport including Commercial Vehicles, Trains, Shipping and Aircraft. There is Art, both Ancient and Contemporary, Glamour photography, Male & Female, nude and discreet. The Digitally Printed calendars enable any subject to be printed, as each order is printed to demand.